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<p>No, folks, this is NOT a drill. This morning Team Meat posted a new banner on their Twitter page and it's practically shouting about Super Meat Boy Forever. <p>Sexy new Super Meat Boy Forever logo for your eyeballs.— Team Meat (@SuperMeatBoy) June 8, 2017 After showing off a bit of the game back in 2014, Super Meat Boy Forever disappeared for a little while despite it apparently springing back to life the following year. Originally intended for mobile platforms, there's not been much word on the street for a while now...until today, that is.</p><p>Though the Tweet was pretty basic, the comments section is filled with excited fans overjoyed by the news. According to Team Meat's answering Tweets, the project was never dead but "had a few nagging production roadblocks to resolve."</p><p>Finally, when asked by another fan about its possibility of coming to the Nintendo Switch, Team Meat responded with "We'll announce platforms soon...there's a chance you won't be disappointed."</p>.

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