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4、"Anne, I have just had a letter from Owen," said Leslie, entering with a bright face. "And, oh! I have such good news. He writes me that he is going to buy this place from the church trustees and keep it to spend our summer vacations in. Anne, are you not glad?"�

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3、<p>Riot has announced that their digital CCG, Legends of Runeterra, will be leaving beta on 30th April. On top of that, it will also be releasing for both iOS and Android on that day. There will also be 120 new cards heading to the game alongside a new region, which Riot is keeping a secret for now.&nbsp;</p><p>The release date was announced in a recent FAQ post over on the game's official website where a few of the questions were mobile-specific, providing us with a few new tidbits of information. For instance, you will not require a Riot account to play the game on mobile, however, it is strongly recommended as one will be required for cross-platform play.</p>Whether the horse by him became his deed,


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